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What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy is the treatment of communication and swallowing difficulties through activities and courses designed by the speech therapists to improve the quality of life of the patient.

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Special needs that may be supported by speech therapy.

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  • Developmental language delay
  • Articulation disorder
  • Stuttering problem
  • Bilingual children
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • ADHD
  • Social communication difficulties
  • Swallowing disorder, dysphagia
  • Apraxia of Speech
  • Aphasia
  • Dysarthria



It is a bilingual environment. My husband speaks Japanese and I mainly speak Chinese.

He is now 1 year and 8 months old, but he doesn't have many words to say. He often makes statements like "bye bye", "baba" (he calls almost everything "baba"), "mama" (which he sometimes says when I ask who he is), "this" (but the pronunciation is not correct), etc.
I try to encourage his to use his favorite words, but he is not very interested. I read a lot of articles on the Internet and found out that by the age of two, children can speak 50 words, but my almost two-year-old child can speak only a few words, which is very poor.
Is the development of the language slow? Is it better to talk to my son one language as much as possible? Is thise any way to guide the child to speak the language?


Bilingualism does not cause delays in language development.

First, the speech therapist takes both languages into account when assessing a child's language capability.
For example, the assessment measure of "50 expressive words at age 2" should include both Chinese and Japanese vocabulary that is used on a regular basis.
Of course, if we look at just one language, they are lagging behind their peers.
However, as they grow up and their language skills gradually improve, those who speak two languages can catch up with those of the same age who speak a single language.
In contrast, children with language delays have delays whether they are monolingual or bilingual.
Therefore, bilingualism is not the cause of the delay.
Various perspectives, such as the child's understanding of language and social skills, need to be taken into account when making decisions.
Parents can discuss their child's condition with the speech therapist to get a more detailed analysis and suggestions.
In everyday life, parents should try to do the following.

1. Tell the names of things to the children more often and praise them when they can speak.
2. Interacting more orally and orally, and answering questions (full, hungry, playing, eating, drinking, etc.)
3. Understand that the voice of a child who is just starting to speak may not be very clear and praise him/her immediately when he/she imitates and repeats the language (the language spoken by children from 1 to 2 years old should be understood by a familiar adult. (The language spoken by children from 1 and 2 years old should be understood by a familiar adult; it is not until they are 3 or 4 years old that they start to speak clearly like an adult.


My child is almost 3 years old. He usually speaks normally and likes to talk a lot, but on the last month, he suddenly started stammering

and sometimes blinked while stammering. In the worst cases, he has even drooled. What should I do?


Observe your child's performance under different circumstances and record which circumstance he speaks more fluently.

If the child is bilingual/trilingual, also observe if there is a difference in fluency when using other languages. During the process of language development, many children have difficulty in speaking fluently.
There are a variety of possible reasons, such as environmental factors, psychological factors, too much content to express, but not enough development of the ability to express the language.
It is recommended that parents consult with the speech therapist about their child's situation to get more specific feedback.
Make an appointment for assessment and treatment with the speech therapist, if needed.


My child is four years old, but his speech is still very vague.

Many of his pronunciations are wrong. How can I guide him to the correct pronunciation?


It is recommended that you first discuss your child's condition with the speech therapist.

It is advisable to determine if an assessment is needed, if the language disorder is present, and to find out what might be causing the problem before implementing pronunciation training.


My father who had a stroke two months ago is just discharged from the hospital. He can't express what he want to say very well.

He speaks, but he cannot communicate clearly and there is a huge gap between what he wants to say and what he means, so we cannot understand what he wants to say. Communication is very difficult. I feel angry and sad when I cannot communicate with my father smoothly. Can we help him?


It may be caused by damage to the language area of the brain, leading to communication difficulties due to "aphasia".

Stroke patients may have difficulty with naming, circumlocution, and understanding language.
It is advisable to discuss the patient's condition with the speech therapist before conducting an assessment and building an individualized treatment plan. In addition, the caregiver will need to do the following in daily life.
1.Give him enough time to organize what he wants to express and talk with him in a relaxed manner.
2. Do not treat them like children because of their impaired language skills, but treat them like adults.
3. Support with various communication methods such as gestures, facial expressions, symbols, images, and text.

How to use

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If you choose online tele-assessment, your speech therapist will determine if you are suitable for tele-services based on your condition.

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How to make an appointment.

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OHDoctor Speech Therapist

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Speech Therapist Faith Leung

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Brief Personal History

University of Hong Kong Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Science
Member of Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapist
New Page Speech Therapy & Rehabilitation Consultancy Ltd. -Speech therapist
Provided speech therapy for Hong Kong Association for Cleft Lip and Palate
Passed Taiwan Professionals and Technologists Examination
Acquired Taiwan Speech Therapist license
Taipei Medical University Shuang Ho Hospital -Speech Therapist
Clinical supervisor of Mackay Memorial Hospital
Serve Shine Care Education Centre Ltd. -Senior Speech Therapist (Part-time)
Mooctalk Ltd. -Senior Consultant (Part-time)
Registered member of the Hong Kong Health Authority's approved speech-language pathologists (Member ID: ST00379)

Service Items and Costs

Service Time Charge Recommended

Online consultation

  • Q&A
  • Professional advice
15 minutes. Free
(Please make an appointment at OH Dr.)
Depending on demand Each client can make an appointment maximum once a week

Online assessment

  • Speech and language assessment
  • Assessment report
  • Professional recommendations
50 minutes. OH Doctor discount price
¥8,000 each time

Cost: ¥10,000 each time
One-off Speech therapist will determine whether client is suitable for this service
Preparing for home visit service.
(Tokyo area only)

Online therapy

  • Individualized training program
  • Speech and speech therapy
  • Progress summary for each session
  • Home practice
30 minutes. ¥4,000 each time Weekly Speech therapist will determine whether client is suitable for this service
Preparing for home visit service.
(Tokyo area only))

Online therapy consultation

  • Individualized training program
  • “Train the trainer” approach
  • Professional supervision
  • Progress summary for each session
  • Home practice
15 minutes. OH Doctor discount price
¥1,500 each time

Cost: ¥1,600 each time
Weekly -

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