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Easy consultation with your smart phone!

Medical Consultation and Medical Examination
in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese

Easy to make an appointment and see a doctor with one smartphone by Online Home Doctor(オンラインホームドクター).
You can see a doctor with Japanese, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese support and receive your medicine at home.

※We use "Zoom" to video call.
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You can have a medical examination,
pay, and receive medicine at home.

First visit is also OK.
You can see a doctor via a video call, make a payment,
receive your medicine or prescription by online.

  • By appointment
    only so you do not need to wait

    You can make a
    appointment until 10:00am on the day
    by your smartphone.

  • Have a medical
    examination at home or workplace with your phone

    You can have a medical
    examination with a smartphone, and you
    don't have to visit the hospital and worry
    about hospital infections.

  • Easy payment
    by credit card or postpaid at convenience stores

    After the consultation,
    payment can be made by credit card
    or post-payment at
    a convenience store.

  • Medicine delivered to your home in 2-3
    business days

    The pharmacy will arrange the delivery
    on the next day after the exmination.

The symptom that can be consulted or treated
with Online Home Doctor


  • 無呼吸症状でCPAP療法を受ける女性

    Snoring consultation
    Sleep apnea consultation

  • マスクをして咳き込む女性

    General diseases
    in the field of otolaryngology

Internal Medicine

  • 頭痛を訴える女性


  • 腹部の痛みを訴える男性

    (Dull pain consultation possible)

  • 胸の苦しさを訴える女性

    Respiratory Symptoms

  • 肌の痒みを訴える女性

    Skin Disease

Doctor・Partner Clinic
OH Doctors

Medical consultation and medical examination in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
You can have a medical examination with
peace of mind through smooth communication.

  • 翁 述民

    Dr. Nobutami Okina

  • 徐 立恆

    Dr. Tatsunori Jo
    Internal Medicine

  • 杉本 映綺

    Dr. Eiki Sugimoto

  • 江川 絵里香

    Dr. Erika Egawa
    Internal Medicine

  • 鹿島田 渉

    Dr. Wataru Kashimada

  • 男座 慶一

    Dr. Keiichi Oza

  • 港南台耳鼻咽喉科

    Konandai Otolaryngology (Yokohama)

Medical consultation/Medical examination
Usage fee

  Consultation Examination
of medicine
Not included Included
usage fee
1,000 yen(tax included) 1,000 yen(tax included)
(Check it guide)
Medicine fee
Medicine delivery
NP Postpaid
(through net banking or convenience stores)

You can choose to pay the system usage fee and consultation fee by credit card or post-payment at a convenience store.
※In the case of medical examination, system usage fee + medical examination fee + medicine fee and delivery fee will be charged.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q.Is the billing amount significantly different from that of a regular clinic?

    Insurance is available as in regular clinics. + system fee of 1000 yen will be charged. In addition, when the medicine is arranged by mail, you will pay for the actual cost of the medicine and the delivery fee.

  • Q.When will the medical examination fee be charged?

    A consultation fee will be charged when you apply for Telemedicine and the doctor's consultation is done at ZOOM.

  • Q.I want to change or cancel my reservation.

    If you want to change or cancel your reservation, please let us know by email<support@oh-doctor.local>or LINE at least 15 minutes before the appointment start time.


Tell doctors
about your symptoms.

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