What is OH Doctor?

See a doctor using your smartphone

Medical Examination/ Consultation Services
in 5 languages

With OHDr., both reservation and consultation can be done with a smartphone.
Japanese, Chinese, English, Vietnamese, and Indonesian are available, so you can see a doctor at ease and also receive your medication at home.

※Video calls are made using "ZOOM".
iPhone app / Android app

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Seeing a doctor, making payments, ordering medication...
All of this can be done at home.

First-time patients are welcome.
See a doctor via video call,
make payments, and order your medication or receive prescription online.

  • Membership System

    All necessary information are registered at the beginning so you can see a doctor promptly even for reservations made on the day.

  • Reservation-Only

    Reservation-only with no waiting time.
    Reservations can be made from your phone until 15:00 pm on the same day.

  • See a doctor from home or office
    via smartphone

    Easy to see a doctor
    with just a smartphone.
    No need to come to the hospital,
    and no need to worry
    about hospital infections.

  • Easy payment
    by credit card

    After consultation,
    payment can be made
    by credit card.

  • Medication
    delivered to your home
    in 1-3 business days

    We will arrange for medication delivery
    on the next business day,
    and it will be sent
    from our partner pharmacy.
    You can also pick up medications
    at your local pharmacy.

Symptoms that can be examined/consulted by OHDr.

(ENT / Ear, Nose, Throat)

  • 無呼吸症状でCPAP療法を受ける女性

    Snoring Treatment Consultation
    Sleep Apnea Consultation

  • マスクをして咳き込む女性

    General ENT
    related disorders

Internal Medicine

  • 頭痛を訴える女性

    Dizziness, palpitation,
    Fever, chills, headache

  • 腹部の痛みを訴える男性

    Gastrointestinal disorders
    such as diarrhea and constipation

  • 胸の苦しさを訴える女性

    Respiratory symptoms

  • 肌の痒みを訴える女性

    Skin disorders

Prescription of hay fever medicine.
Regular prescription for asthma / allergic symptoms.
Regular prescription of pills.

* We are not able to treat sudden unbearable pain (chest pain, abdominal pain, headache, etc.)
or acute symptoms such as breathlessness.

Our doctors

Medical Examination & Consultation in Japanese, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.
Receive medical examination at ease through smooth communication.

  • 翁 述民

    Nobutami Okina

  • 徐 立恆

    Tasunori Jo
    Internal Medicine

  • 杉本 映綺

    Eiki Sugimoto

  • 江川 絵里香

    Erika Egawa
    Internal Medicine

  • 鹿島田 渉

    Wataru Kashimada

  • 男座 慶一

    Keiichi Oza

  • 菊野 宗明

    Kikuno Muneaki
    Internal Medicine

  • 簡野 瑞誠

    Kanno Zuisei

  • 頼 威任

    Lai Weijin

  • 張

    Cathy Chang
    Internal Medicine

Patient's Voice

  • I can’t sleep well because I can’t stop coughing. Clinics are closed even if I want to visit after work. But I still need treatment...
I have a busy job and I wasn’t able to get checked because I couldn’t take time off while clinics were open. OHDr. is a great service because I can consult a doctor even after work once I get home. I will be relying on it from now on!

  • I don’t want to go out because I am worried about COVID. It’s also fastidious to have to take my child with me...
With the COVID situation, I wanted to refrain from going out, especially to the hospital as I have a young child. With OHDr., I was able to receive medical consultation at home, and I think it is a great service for people with children like me.>

"I can see a doctor and also get prescription while staying at home, so it is really helpful"

日・中・英 多言語対応

  • I can’t explain about my symptoms well in Japanese.
  • I'm always worried about communicating
    with doctors...
I have gone to various clinics but I couldn't explain the symptoms in Japanese very well. I felt like my doctor wouldn't understand my troubles so I left the symptoms untreated for 4 months.
I received an online medical examination by OHDr., talked to a doctor in my native language and had a CT scan of my nose taken at the recommended clinic. As a result, I was diagnosed with sinusitis and was prescribed medicine. It was so painful so I'm really happy that it has gotten well.

  • The itching won’t get better using OTC medication.
  • I want to see a doctor but I can't arrange the time...
I was suffering from chronic itching and OTC medication wasn’t working. It was very stressful, so I wanted to consult a doctor but it was difficult for me to arrange the time...
With OHDr., I was able to book my appointment which allowed me plenty of time to consult a doctor.> During my past visits to the doctor, they didn’t spare a lot of time and I often ended up unable to ask what I really wanted to. I’m really happy about the service OHDr. offered, and being able to consult in my native language is a plus.

Online Medical Examination/Consultation Fees

On the business day following the medical consultation or examination, the fee will be automatically deducted from the credit card registered at the time of membership registration.

Medical examination Medical consultation

As same as when you go to the hospital,
Medical examination fee + Medicine fee (Actual cost) will be charged.
If you wish to have your medicine delivered to your home,
an additional shipping fee will be charged.

For example: Those who have an insurance card (bear 30% costs) who received medical examination for a fever or cold (for their first visit) will be charged
Examination fee: 1,100 yen.

Medical consultation fee: 3,850 Yen (self-funded treatment)
*Medical insurance is not applicable.
*Prescription is not offered for consultation services.

*This service is available for a monthly membership fee of 550 yen.
Prior membership registration is required.
*If you wish to have your medication delivered to your home, please pay for the medication and delivery fee according to the NP Postpaid Invoice enclosed with your medication. The payment method is "Convenience Store Post-payment".
*A settlement fee of 220 yen will be charged for each payment.


  • Q.Is the online medical consultation fee more expensive than a regular clinic visit?

    Like regular clinics, insurance coverage is available, so you can use our service as if you were visiting a hospital or clinic. 550 yen/month will be charged for membership fee but since most online clinics charge 1,000 to 2,000 yen per visit, it is a particularly good deal especially for those who have regular prescription or who needs to visit regularly.

  • Q.When will the medical examination fee be charged?

    After applying for medical examination, the fee will be charged once you join Zoom and have medical examination/consultation with the doctor.

  • Q.What should I do if I want to change or cancel my reservation?

    ■ If you wish to change
    We apologize for the inconvenience but please contact OHDr. via email
    LINE Facebook Messanger

    ■If you wish to cancel
    You can log in to the member site> select "Cancel" from reservation history.