About Online Medical Consultation / Medical Examination

■Medical Examination

Please select this option if you wish to receive medication as you would in a normal hospital visit.
Medication can be prescribed.

For example:
・I want medicine for hay fever.
・I have caught a mild cold.
・I need a regular prescription for asthma medication.

■Medical consultation

You can feel free to consult a doctor about your illness or the symptoms you are currently worried about, such as whether you should go to the hospital or take medicine.
※We cannot prescribe medicines.

・In the results of the health checkup, there were “follow-up” and “caution” items, but I would like to hear the doctor’s advice on what to do in the future.
・I want to know how to solve skin problems, etc.

Medical consultation report
We will summarize the contents of the medical consultation and the doctor’s advice, and deliver it in PDF format at a later date. (3,850 yen/time) You can download it from the reservation history of the member site, and you can check the consultation content at any time.

Please visit “How to use OHDr.” for more details.

Symptoms that can be examined/consulted by OHDr.

(ENT / Ear, Nose, Throat)

  • 無呼吸症状でCPAP療法を受ける女性

    Snoring Treatment Consultation
    Sleep Apnea Consultation

  • マスクをして咳き込む女性

    General ENT related disorders

Internal Medicine

  • 頭痛を訴える女性

    Dizziness, palpitation,
    Fever, chills, headache

  • 腹部の痛みを訴える男性

    Gastrointestinal disorders
    such as diarrhea and constipation

  • 胸の苦しさを訴える女性

    Respiratory symptoms

  • 肌の痒みを訴える女性

    Skin disorders

Prescription of hay fever medicine.
Regular prescription for asthma / allergic symptoms.
Regular prescription of pills.

* We are not able to treat sudden unbearable pain (chest pain, abdominal pain, headache, etc.)
or acute symptoms such as breathlessness.