Please choose from
two available plans.


Monthly550yen ~

  • Regular medication
  • Share with Family
  • 30% OFF for other services like second opinion or online medical interpreting..
  • Free to use medical institution and vaccine reservation agency services

※ OHDr.’s membership can be canceled at anytime.


One time2,200yen ~

  • Use services only while traveling in Japan
  • Irregularly medication in case of poor physical condition or hay fever, etc
  • Have no chronic illness
    (No need for regular medication)
  • Do not need support for medical institution and vaccine reservation

Our Services

OHDr. provides various medical services to ensure that
Foreign residents in Japan can live with peace of mind.

Medical Examination Membership One-time Usage
Usage Fee
Up to 5 members
Examination Fee Actual cost Actual cost
【 FREE 】
Medical Institution

Reservation Agency
0yen 4,500yen

Reservation Agency
0yen 2,250yen
【 Special Price 】
Medical Consultation

with Report
3,850yen 5,775yen
Medication Guidance

330yen 495yen
Mental Health
16,500yen 24,750yen
6,500yen 9,750yen
Online Medical

4,400yen 6,600yen

Payment Example

Here is an example of payment for common scenarios using a combination of
Medical Examination】+【Medical Institution Reservation Agency】services.

Membership One-time usage
Monthly Fee 550yen/month 0yen/month
Consultation Fee
(Follow-up Visit)*
590yen 590yen
Medical Institution

Reservation Agency
0yen 4,500yen
Transaction Fee 220yen 220yen
Total 1,360yen 5,310yen

*The cost of the initial examination is 860 yen.
The fee may vary according to the type of consultation.


  1. 会員登録アイコン

    Step 1Sign up

    Please go to “Membership Menu” and create a new account.

  2. カレンダーのアイコン

    Step 2Make an Appointment

    Please proceed to “Reservation Page” and fill in the required information. After your appointment is confirmed, you can check your appointment status from “Reservation History” on the member site.
    ※ Please prepare an image of your insurance card for your first visit and first visit of each month.

  3. アプリインストールのアイコン

    Step 3Install
    Zoom Video Call

    Please install Zoom app before the day of your consultation.

    Zoom for iPhone/iPad Zoom for Android

  4. ビデオ通話のイラスト

    Step 4See a doctor

    When it is time for your appointment, please log in to the member site and click Appointment History > “Start Video Call” button to enter Zoom.Your medical examination/consultation will begin.

  5. Step 5Make payment

    On the business day following the medical consultation or examination, the fee will be automatically deducted from the credit card registered at the time of membership registration.

  6. デリバリーのアイコン

    Step 6Receive medication

    ■ If you wish to have your medication delivered to your home
    On the next business day of your consultation, a pharmacist from an OHDr’s affiliated pharmacy will call you for medication guidance. After the medication guidance, the medication will be shipped from the pharmacy to your home.

    • ※ Medication guidance is provided in Japanese only.
    • ※ OHDr.’s medication guidance support (330 yen): OHDr. can receive medication guidance on behalf of the patient and translate the guidance to your native language and send it to you via SNS/email.
    • ※ Please understand that if for some reason you are unable to take the medication guidance phone-call, the service will be automatically switched to OHDr.’s medication guidance support.
    • ※ Please pay for the medication and delivery fee using the invoice enclosed with your medication for NP Postpaid Invoice, a deffered payment service provided by Net Protections. The payment method is “Convenience Store Payment”.


Q. What is a member?

By paying 550 yen (tax included) per month, an account for one person will be issued. You can use the services provided by OHDr.

Q. Why is there a membership fee?

OHDr. is based on the concept of a “Family Doctor,” a service that provides mid-to long-term health management support to customers. In order to do so, it is necessary to store our customer’s medical information in a secure environment, and the membership system is designed to maintain this environment.
OHDr. charges a monthly membership fee, but does not charge a per-visit system fee. Therefore, our fee structure is designed to be more reasonable than the total amount you would pay for a general in-person visit.

Q. Is 1 account valid for multiple persons?

1 account is valid only for the contractor (1 person).

Q. What kind of services are available when you become a member?

By registering as a member, you can use the following services:
・Multilingual online consultation/medical consultation
・Online medical interpreter
・Online speech therapy
・Medical Institution Reservation Agency
※ Currently supports Japanese, Chinese, English, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

Q. When will I be charged?

When you register as a member, you will be required to pay the cost for one month with a credit card. From the following month onward, we will charge the monthly fee on the day you subscribe.
Example) When registered on May 10th
A fee from May 10th to June 9th is charged on May 10


Feel free to contact us anytime via our social media accounts.