Recently, with the epidemic of the new coronavirus, we often hear the word “Online Medical Examination“.

However, there are still lots of people who may not get clear image of Online Medical Examination, such as:

What is online medical examination?
Can we get the prescription?

As such, in this article, we would like to share about the clear image of Online Medical Examination and how it compares to face-to-face medical examination!

\\\ What is Online Medical Examination? ///

Online Medical Examination is a method of seeing a doctor via electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets, in the form of a video call.

Book a medical examination online and send necessary information such as your insurance card in advance.

It is a very convenient service that allows you to see a doctor online on the day of your appointment and even deliver your medicines directly your home so you don’t need to leave your house.

\\\ Their Differences ///

① Online Medical Examination

  • See a doctor online and undergo a Medical Consultation or Medical Examination.
  • Possible diseases can be diagnosed based on the symptoms through Medical Questionnaires.
  • Can not actually receive auscultation or physical examination because of Video Call format.
  • ② Face-to-Face Medical Examination

  • A traditional method of medical examination in which the patient meets the doctor in person at the hospital and undergoes a medical interview and consultation.
  • In addition to medical consultation, physical examinations, X-rays, CT, blood tests..etc can also be performed.
  • \\\ Their Advantages and Disadvantages ///

    The advantages and disadvantages of Online and Face-to-Face Medical Examination are as follows:

      Advantages Disadvantages
    Online Medical Examination ・Prevent secondary infections when visiting the hospital.
    ・Short waiting time
    ・Easy to see a doctor from home
    ・Have your medications delivered so you can complete everything at home.
    ・Physical examination and Blood/Imaging tests are not available.
    ・Face-to-Face Medical Examination may be necessary for a detailed tests.
    ・Internet access is required.
    Face-to-Face Medical Examination ・The possibility of a clear diagnosis is high because physical examination and blood and imaging tests can be performed.
    ・Feel secure by talking with a doctor in person.
    ・Long waiting time
    ・Takes time and effort to go to hospital.
    ・Risk of secondary infections when visiting the hospital.

    \\\ Online Medical Examination Fees ///

    Many online medical services charge system fee of 1,000 to 2,000 yen in addition to the examination fee. In other words, you should expect to pay approximately 2,000 to 3,000 yen per examination. (Fees for medications and shipping of medications are not included.)

    \\\ Symptoms and diseases that can be treated online ///

    It is said that the following cases are suitable for online medical examination.

  • Prescriptions for chronic symptoms that have already been diagnosed.
  • Symptoms that can be easily confirmed with photographs.
  • Symptoms that can be diagnosed mainly by Medical Questionnaires.
  • ..etc

    For example,

  • Prescription of medication for pollen allergy
  • Routine prescription of asthma medication
  • Routine prescription of pills
  • Skin problems such as acne, spots, melasma, etc.
  • Mild cold symptoms (fever, headache, sore throat, cough, lethargy, etc.)
  • Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine
  • On the other hand, orthopedic diseases such as sprain and bruise, and acute symptoms such as sudden headaches, abdominal pain and breathing difficulties often require imaging tests such as X-ray or CT as well as blood tests, which cannot be performed in Online Medical Examination. When such symptoms are present, we recommend that you should go to Face-to-Face Medical Examination.

    But it’s not easy to make a decision by yourself.
    You want to know if your symptoms can be treated online or not?
    If so, please feel free to contact us anytime!