Medical Consultation/Examination Flow

  1. 会員登録アイコン

    STEP1Sign up for membership

    Please go to “Member Menu ” and create a new account.
    ※A monthly fee of 550 yen (tax included) will be charged.

  2. カレンダーのアイコン

    STEP2Make an Appointment

    Please proceed to the reservation page by clicking “Make an Appointment” and fill in the required information. After your appointment is confirmed, you can check your appointment status from “Reservation History” on the member site.
    ※Please prepare an image of your insurance card for your first visit and first visit of each month.

  3. アプリインストールのアイコン

    Install Video Call App

    Please install Zoom app before the day of your consultation.

    Zoom app for iPhone/iPad  Zoom app for Android

  4. ビデオ通話のイラスト

    STEP4Start Medical Examination/Medical Consultation

    When it is time for your appointment, please log in to the member site and click Appointment History > “Start Video Call” button to enter Zoom.Your medical examination/consultation will begin.

  5. STEP5Make payment

    On the business day following the medical consultation or examination, the fee will be automatically deducted from the credit card registered at the time of membership registration.

  6. デリバリーのアイコン

    STEP6Receive medication

    ■ If you wish to have your medication delivered to your home
    On the next business day of your consultation, a pharmacist from an OHDr’s affiliated pharmacy will call you for medication guidance. After the medication guidance, the medication will be shipped from the pharmacy to your home.

    • ※Medication guidance is provided in Japanese only.
    • ※OHDr.’s medication guidance support (330 yen): OHDr. can receive medication guidance on behalf of the patient and translate the guidance to your native language and send it to you via SNS/email.
    • ※Please understand that if for some reason you are unable to take the medication guidance phone-call, the service will be automatically switched to OHDr.’s medication guidance support.
    • ※Please pay for the medication and delivery fee using the invoice enclosed with your medication for NP Postpaid Invoice, a deffered payment service provided by Net Protections. The payment method is “Convenience Store Payment”.

Usage Fee

Service Fee

We will send you a credit card payment link on the next business day after your medical examination/medical consultation. Please make the payment within 7 days after receiving the link.

On the business day following the medical consultation or examination, the fee will be automatically deducted from the credit card registered at the time of membership registration.

Medical examination MEDICAL CONSULTATION
As same as when you go to the hospital, Medical examination fee + Medicine fee (Actual cost) will be charged. If you wish to have your medicine delivered to your home, an additional shipping fee will be charged.

For example: Those who have an insurance card (bear 30% of medical costs) who received medical examination for a fever or cold (for their first visit) will be charged
Examination fee: 1,100 yen.
Medical consultation fee:3,850 Yen (self-funded treatment)
*Medical insurance is not applicable.
*Prescription is not offered for consultation services.

※Please select medical examination when you make an appointment. If it is determined that medication is necessary during medical consultation, please make a new appointment for medical examination through the Reservation page.
※In the case of online medical examination, medical examination fee + medicine fee and delivery fee will be charged.
※A settlement fee of 220 yen will be charged for each payment.

Estimated Examination Fees

The amount may change depending
on the contents of the insurance examination.

Health insurance examination fee
30% Charge 1,700 Yen〜
20% Charge 1,500 Yen~
10% Charge 1,300 Yen~


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