Joes Corporation Co., Ltd. that provides support services for foreign residents, announced the launch of OH Doctor, a multilingual online medical service born from the concerns of working foreign residents in Japan about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Joe’s Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Xu Ritsuryo) has developed a new business, “OH Doctor (ONLINE HOME DOCTOR)”, a multilingual online medical support service for foreigners living in Japan, and opened its Japanese, Chinese and English websites today. Currently, we are conducting monitored online medical consultations/clinics for corporate employees, and the official release of the service is scheduled for March.

【”OH Doctor” Overview】

OH Doctor is an online medical support service for foreign residents in Japan.At present, there are nine doctors who can speak multiple languages, and in addition to medical consultation and treatment, users can issue referral letters, make appointments at facilities that can handle PCR tests, and prescribe drugs online.

Medical consultation: 10 minutes or less per session, online consultation: 15 minutes or less per session
Subjects handled: General internal medicine, respiratory medicine, otolaryngology, pediatrics, dermatology
Languages supported: Japanese, Chinese, English, Vietnamese (Myanmarese and Indonesian in preparation)
Available days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday(tentative)

Response time: 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. weekdays, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. weekends (tentative)

OH Doctor Japanese website:
OH Doctor Chinese version (simplified):
Traditional Chinese version of the OH Doctor website:
English version of OH Doctor website:


【Background of the development of the service】

The spread of the new coronavirus has transformed our lifestyles and economic activities. Since February of last year, when the coronavirus began to spread in Japan, our representative doctor has been receiving frequent calls from acquaintances and friends who are foreigners living in Japan asking for medical advice.The questions ranged from advice on physical conditions to referrals to reputable clinics in the area where I live. I also felt that the coronavirus was an opportunity for many people to take better care of their daily health. At the same time, we received many requests for consultation in their native language.

The number of foreigners working in Japan is increasing every year. In addition to the declining birthrate and aging population, the Japanese government is actively promoting the hiring and utilization of human resources from other countries as a policy to solve the chronic shortage of human resources in various industries. However, there are many challenges in actually supporting the lives of foreigners working in Japan. Especially in the medical care, there is a “language barrier” and we are not able to receive the same quality of medical services as Japanese also another problem for foreigners working in rural areas is the disparity in local medical care.

We are committed to helping people who have health concerns but are unable to communicate them effectively due to “language barriers” , the absence of a “family doctor” who doesn’t know what kind of hospital and doctor you should actually see and Rural-Urban ‘Community Healthcare Gap as a means of solving such medical problems for foreigners living in Japan, we have developed the online medical care support service “OH Doctor” to provide an environment where you can receive consultations and medical care in your native language anytime, anywhere.


【Future prospects】

In Japan, where there is a shortage of human resources due to the declining birthrate and aging population, many foreign workers are active, and the number of foreigners living in Japan has reached about 3 million. However, there are still many issues in the social environment in which they live and work in Japan, and there are many foreigners living in Japan who are under stress every day. In the modern with-coronavirus, we have to take great care of our physical health, and this can lead to mental illness. OH Doctor believes that by staying close to such people and detecting their discomforts and mental health issues in advance, we can provide foreigners living in Japan with a comfortable working environment for the long term.

In the wake of corona virus, medical services are beginning to undergo a new transformation, as permanent online medical care has become a major topic of discussion. OH Doctor is a service co-founded by doctors with various careers in the area of cross-border x medicine. Our mission is to be a supporter of the lives of foreign residents in Japan who will create the future of Japan together through medical care, and to provide safe and secure medical services.

【Feedback of monitor users】

OH Doctor has been providing monitor online medical consultation and medical examination since last year. Here is some feedback from users who have actually experienced the service.

<User A>
This time, I had the opportunity to have a medical consultation and examination. Usually at clinics, the consultation time is short and the doctors seem to be busy, so I often end up not being able to fully answer the questions I want to ask. However, the OH doctor was able to confirm the contents in detail and in a very detailed manner since he was available only by appointment and took his time. I was very satisfied with the service.Moreover, I was able to see the doctor in my native language, which added to my peace of mind.

<User B>
Since I work in a relatively busy office, it was difficult for me to go to the hospital when the clinic was open, but with OH Doctor, I was able to see the doctor from home late when I got home.This is a really good and convenient service. Thank you for your continued support!

【What is Joes Corporation Co., Ltd.?】

Based on the concept of “enriching the lives of all people living in Japan,” we provide accommodations for foreigners visiting and living in Japan, as well as online medical support services. Since our members are foreigners living in Japan and we have doctors who can speak many languages, we provide services not only to foreigners working in Japan, but also to host institutions and companies.

【Overview of Joes Corporation Co., Ltd.】

(1) Company name: Joes Corporation Co., Ltd.
(2) URL:
(3) Representative: Xu Liheng
(4) Headquarters location: 402 Seisan, 2-26-32 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(5) Date of establishment: August 2017