【OHDr.】Notice for Year-End and New Year 2024


Year-End and New Year Closure Announcement

 Last Business Day:    Until 22:00 on December 28, 2023 (Thu)
 Closure Period:     December 29, 2023 (Fri) to January 3, 2024 (Wed)
 Resumption of Business: From 10:00 on January 4, 2024 (Thu)

 Requests received during the closure period will be processed from January 4, 2024 (Thu). We appreciate your understanding and patience.
 ※If you require urgent medical consultation during the closure period, please contact us through social media.


💡 As many medical facilities are closed during the year-end and New Year, please check in advance whether you have an adequate supply of your regular medication and any essential drugs.

💊 To prepare for sudden health issues or injuries, it is advisable to have the following medications and hygiene supplies on hand:
 ・Cold Medicine
 ・Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer
 ・Gastrointestinal Medicine
 ・Intestinal Regulator
 ・Cotton Swabs
 ・Adhesive Bandages
 And more…

👨‍⚕️ If you wish to consult about medication or require a medical examination, please make an appointment by December 28 (Thursday).

Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year!