【OHDr. for Traveler】Your Health Guardian in Japan! Expert Travel Insurance Assistance Included!


OHDr. is pleased to introduce 【OHDr. for Traveler】, a tailor-made service for tourists in Japan to address health concerns during your stay and ensure a seamless journey.

Why 【OHDr. for Traveler】?


Multilingual Medical Team

Our experienced medical team speaks
English, Chinese and Japanese,
providing language barrier-free consultations
for tourists in Japan.


Online Medical Consultations

Get expert advice and quick diagnosis through
convenient online medical consultations accessible
from anywhere in Japan.


Trusted Medical Facilities Booking

OHDr. facilitates appointments at nearby
reputable medical facilities, ensuring prompt treatment
for travellers.


Travel Insurance Claims Support

OHDr. provides valuable assistance with
overseas travel insurance claims after medical treatment
in Japan, easing financial concerns.


Swift Medical Certificates

We expedite the issuance of medical diagnosis certificates, simplifying the insurance claims process.


Prescription and Medication Guidance

Clear explanations on the use of medicines and important precautions are provided by our doctors.

If you are worried about claiming your travel insurance,
【OHDr. for Traveler】 is here to assist you.

 For more details, please visit: 【OHDr. for Traveler】.

【OHDr. for Traveler】 prioritizes your health and safety, offering swift assistance during your Japan trip. Enjoy your stay with confidence, backed by our travel health services and travel insurance support.