ー【Important】Notice of transition to monthly membershipー

Thank you for always using OHDr.

OHDr.’s member site will be released on August 1, 2022!
Along with that, from the same day (August 1, 2022), it will be shifted from the current spot use system to a monthly membership service.

It is a special service for those who need to consult continuously, so please register as a member.
For customers who are not sure about membership, we are conducting a special campaign for a limited time until the end of July!
Please see it to the end!



You can use the OHDr. service by registering a credit card when registering as a member and paying 550 yen/month (tax included).


【Service that can be used】

If you register as a member, you can use medical services such as:

・ Online consultation/medical examination in multilingual *
・ Online medical interpreter
・ Online language treatment
・ Reservation agency for medical institutions

* Currently, Japanese, Chinese, English, Vietnamese, and Indonesian are supported.
* In addition to the monthly fee, there will be a usage fee for each service.
* お支払い1回毎に、220円の決済手数料が発生致します。



The current system usage fee (1,100 yen/times) will not be charged.
② Because your membership information is saved, you only need to fill out the minimum amount of information to make an appointment!
The consultation reservation is completed in about 10 minutes!
③ Since you can check the availability of the consultation immediately,
 there is no need to adjust the reservation date and timeanymore.
The reservation is confirmed right away, so you can make a smooth reservation.
④ You can contact us via chat at any time.



If you’re not sure whether to see the doctor continuously or not, or if you want to try it out first, we’ve got good news for you!
A one-year trial period will be applied only to those who register as members or use OHDr.’s services before July 31.
From August 1, 2022, customers who meet the above conditions will be able to choose one of the two options below.


① Become a “special member” by free 1-Year Trial

For one year (August 2022 to July 2023), there will be no monthly fee.
Members can use the online medical examination and consultation service by paying a service fee of 1,100 yen/time.

* By August 1, 2022, an ID and password will be issued to log into the member site. Please use that to log in and make a medical appointment.
* It is also possible to change to full-membership during the campaign period.


② Become a “full member” by paying 550 yen/month

Customers who choose this option will not be charged the system usage fee (1,100 yen per visit).

* Limited to those who have a credit card.


For more information about the monthly membership system, please see “Frequently Asked Questions “.